Bishop Takes Action After Ndindi Nyoro's Fight in Church

  • Murang’a Catholic Bishop James Maria Wainaina, on Monday, September 9, disclosed that he had called for investigations into a fight involving Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro and Maina Kamanda that disrupted a church service.

    Condemning the conduct of the legislators, the Bishop stated that he'd not been informed of the fundraiser that was attended by the politicians.

    “It’s sad that such an incident happened in our church. I was not aware that there were guests invited to the church, only to hear through the media that chaos has erupted. It is saddening and very unfortunate and I have initiated investigations and will be taking action," Bishop Wainaina was quoted by the Daily Nation.

    The commotion that ensued outside the church after the confrontation between Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro and Maina Kamanda.

    He further advocated for politicians to avoid bringing up their issues to the church and disrupting services with their conduct.

    "It’s very unfortunate that politicians can go to the church to leave Christians without peace. They better avoid going to the church at all than coming to cause fracas and fights,” he added.

    The Sunday service was disrupted when Nyoro cited protocol breach and insisted on taking over the function. When his turn came, he addressed the crowd and insisted on inviting a guest to speak, a matter that Kamanda objected to.

    "I can't allow people from Nairobi to come and take over my constituency as if they know this area. I am an elected leader and I tell Kamanda to his face that let them produce the list of the guests so that I can invite them," Nyoro maintained.

    This tussle led to his supporters flooding the altar in support of their Member of Parliament.

    Efforts by the church heads to intervene were unsuccessful as the warring parties pushed them to the edge of the crowd that had milled in front.

    Supporters of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro argue with their opponents in Murang'a town on September 9, 2019 following fracas at Gitui Catholic Church in Kiharu Constituency on Sunday.

    The priest in charge, Fr John Kibuuru, reportedly tried to calm the situation but the congregation was divided between Nyoro and Kamanda and his team.

    "I urge you in the name of God to be orderly. It has never reached this situation and I plead with you to maintain calm," Fr Kibuuru pleaded.