Atheists Eye DP Ruto's Millions in Daring Challenge

  • The Atheists in Kenya Society on Monday, September 9, urged Deputy President William Ruto to extend the generosity he had shown to churches to their causes as well.

    In a statement to newsrooms, the society's chairperson, Harrison Mumia, noted that Ruto had donated millions of shillings to various churches across the county and his support would be greatly appreciated in their functions.

    "We ask him to support us by way of donation so that our society can have funds to carry out its activities. We hold monthly events and we would appreciate his presence," Mumia stated.


    The society's head also challenged Ruto to associate with atheists as he did with Christians and Muslims. 

    "We would want the DP to help us build schools and hospitals that are truly secular. We want to support the jobless in Kenya by setting up training centres that are based on secular values. We want to build children homes and assist the government to eliminate the street children menace in the country," he added.

    Mumia further divulged that the society's mission was to promote the growth and interaction of atheists in Kenya.

    "We embrace humanistic ideals and values. We know that the deputy president understands that as a country, we have diverse beliefs," he stated.

    DP Ruto's magnanimity has seen him participate in a number of funds drives by churches, schools and other functions.

    In July, the Daily Nation reported that the Ruto had donated nearly Ksh60 million in harambess for a period of six months.

    His donations to the religious institutions also raised eyebrows with many politicians calling for a lifestyle audit into his ability to donate such large sums of money. 

    Most notably, Raila Odinga claimed that Ruto was pretending to be clean by offering huge sums of money to the church in the "guise of investing in heaven." 

    DP William Ruto receives a donation from John Cardinal Njue (left) during a fundraiser at St Thomas Moore Kairuri Catholic Parish on July 1, 2018. 2nd left is Embu Catholic Bishop Paul Kariuki.