MC Jessy Narrates Why Churchill Rejected Him for a Year [VIDEO]

  • Many people's careers have a hardship story behind them but few compare to MC Jessy's version, which started from the washroom.

    Jessy, whose official name is Jasper Muthomi, is known for his crisp brand of comedy but as he acknowledged at an interview with in 2017, the journey was not easy.

    He narrated that he first met Churchill alias Daniel Ndambuki, in the mid-2000s and they got separated shortly after to pursue different career paths.

    When Ndabuki debuted Churchill Live in 2008, the outspoken comedian started auditioning for the programme with the hope that he would land a spot on the show, which was gaining popularity fast.

    MC Jessy performs during Churchill Show recording. He was rejected by the show for a whole year straight and gave up on auditions at some point.

    For a year straight, the comedian recounted that the selection panel often turned him down.

    "Churchill came back with Churchill Live, he was working on radio and had become a big guy. I never thought we could meet again, but I never forgot him but I think he forgot about me.

    "When I started going for auditions on Churchill Live, that was in 2008, for one year but I did not make it. I liked storytelling but I actually never had stand-up style jokes and the panel was not impressed. I felt like they were not getting my comedy style," recounted Jessy.

    Although he gave up his dream of entertaining crowds through the popular programme, he never grew tired of attending the show as a guest. It got to a point that he was so well known by security guards and no longer paid the entrance fee.

    It was in one of the recordings that he reconnected with Ndambuki, the brains behind the Churchill Live brand.

    "When Churchill Live Season Two kicked off is when I reconnected with Churchill at a washroom. I had grown famous in the auditions until I never used to pay the entrance fee," he continued.

    After he landed on the show, Muthomi has continued to push the envelope in the Kenyan comedy industry and rose through the rank to manage a franchise of Churchill Live called Churchill Raw.

    Below is the video of Jasper Muthomi's narration:

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