County Askaris Ruthlessly Beat Up Helpless Woman

  • County askaris angrily descended upon a woman who had recorded them roughing up traders in Kajiado county, on Thursday, September 19.

    In a video doing trends on Facebook and Twitter, the county askaris beat and dragged the woman identified only as Damaris after she allegedly caught them in the act of demanding bribes from traders in Kitengela, Kajiado.

    It was claimed that the askaris were extorting money from the small scale traders.

    Kitengela town on the outskirts of Nairobi. County askaris were recorded ruthlessly beating up a helpless woman on Wednesday, September 20, 2019

    The askaris ruthlessly roughed up Damaris, a mobile phone vendor in the market, dragging her on the floor, injuring her feet and tearing her skin.

    Further reports claimed that the askaris framed Damaris for incitement charges.

    "She was taken to Kitengela Police Station and the rogue kanjos [askaris] and police are playing hide and seek games. We need justice for Damaris," Bota Nyakunu who is familiar with the woman posted on his Twitter. 

    "This lady had nothing to give she was beaten and later arrested. This is pure impunity," one Kijana Wa Facts wrote on Facebook. 

    However, Kajiado County Communications director, Billy Muiruri, refuted claims that the woman was beaten, insisting that the askari's only confronted her.

    "The matter has been politicised. The officers did not beat her. We know the people who are pushing for that agenda," Muiruri informed newdesk. 

    Kajiado county officers have been in the spotlight a number of times over notoriety and the mishandling of residents and traders.

    The Standard on May 14, reported that the Kenya Veterinary Association had suspended programmes in Kajiado County following complaints of harassment of its members by county askaris.

    The askaris were captured on CCTV torturing a veterinary officer.

    Members of the Kenya Veterinary Association, demonstrate at streets of Ongata Rongai, in Kajiado County in May 2019 following complaints of harassment of its members by county askaris

    Watch the video.