Sarah Cohen's Burial Speech Lands Her in Deeper Trouble

  • Sarah Wairimu's burial speech during the burial of tycoon Tob Cohen has landed her into deeper trouble as the prosecution team wants her charged for contempt of court.

    On Thursday, September 26, during Wairimu's appearance in court, the prosecution stated that Sarah violated court orders by speaking at the burial despite orders gagging her.

    Before Cohen's burial, a court order was issued barring the attorney and suspects involved in the case speaking on issues pertaining to the case.

    Sarah Cohen and her lawyer Philip Murgor. Her case was postponed to October 1, 2019.

    "We seek to file a contempt of court in the same number of days," Catherine Mwaniki, from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution cited. 

    Murgor retaliated by stating that the state had detained Wairimu for over 30 days which was already an infringement of her rights.

    "I am not applying for bail. We are arguing about the rights of Sarah. She has been in court for over 30 days. They should be mindful that she has been denied her liberty for 30 days.

    "They started by challenging her mental state, which is not our issue, it is the issue of the state. I ask the court to order the prosecution to file their order in the next 2 hours so that her constitutional rights are guaranteed," Murgor defended.

    The defence lawyer further stated that the government was delaying the court process.

    "After 30 days the issues of witness prosecution should have been dealt with if they are state witnesses indeed. We have not seen their witnesses," Murgor argued.

    During the burial, Wairimu sent a warning to Tob Cohen's killers, who she alleged were at the funeral. She also accused some family members of hypocrisy

    The judge, Justice Stella Mutuku, declined to affirm Murgor's plea and postponed the case to October 1, when Wairimu will take a plea. She would then rule on contempt of court charges on Wairimu.

    Sarah Wairimu laying flowers on her husband's grave. She lashed out at some family members accusing them of hypocrisy. Her speech has landed her into deeper trouble in court