Sarah Wairimu Sends Warning at Cohen's Burial 

  • Sarah Wairimu, the widow to the late Dutch tycoon, Tob Cohen, broke down in tears as the deceased was laid to rest at a Jewish cemetery in Nairobi on Tuesday, September 24.

    Wairimu also sent an emotional message to the murderers of her husband when she was given an opportunity to address the crowd.

    "And even as we stand here, many of those who are responsible for Tob's death, in sheep's skin...believe you me, even your days are numbered," Wairimu lamented as she warned that she would fight back aggressively.

    Sarah Wairimu Cohen shedding tears during her husband's burial

    Wairimu also lashed out at family members she accused of betrayal

    "It has been painful, but I thank you for being here...I can't talk about the legal counsel. Thank you Muthaiga for being here, I have seen a few friends from here and there.  There are family members who were pretending and even purporting to be family members, yours is another story," a calm Wairimu remarked firmly.

    Cohen's brother, Bernard Cohen stated that the slain Tycoon deserved to be laid to laid respectfully.

    "We're here to bury Tob a second time; this time with dignity," Bernard mourned.

    Cohen's sister, Gabrielle Van Straten, however, missed out on the burial as she had flown out of the country after Tob's will was opened.

    After speeches were completed, it was only the Jewish procession which was allowed to the graveside. Wairimu was not allowed to proceed since the Jewish culture did not allow women to attend such a ceremony.

    However, she had been allowed to throw dust at the Dutch's open grave. 

    The family opted for a Kenyan tradition in place of Jewish rites during the burial. 

    Late tycoon Tob Cohen's lawyer Cliff Ombeta, on Tuesday, September 24, speaking to K24 TV, disclosed that the family had ditched the Jewish manner of burying the dead in favour of a Kenyan style.

    According to Jewish tradition, the dead are wrapped in a white cloth for burial, but the family  decided to use a casket they call, a 'box'.

    Sarah Cohen paying her last respects to her husband

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