Cohen's Brother Attacks Sarah Wairimu at Funeral

  • Bernard Cohen, unleashed a verbal attack on Sarah Wairimu, during the burial of the deceased tycoon, Tob Cohen, at the Jewish Cemetery in Nairobi on Tuesday, September 24.

    According to The Star, Bernard poked holes at his brother's marriage to Wairimu, alleging that it was of convenience and that it was Sarah's idea. 

    "Today we are gathered here to bury my brother for the second time, but this time with dignity," he started by satirically recalling how Cohen was allegedly dumped inside a septic tank. 

    Jewish priests carry Tob Cohen's casket. His brother narrated how the deceased took good care of his wife.

    "He got a piece of land so his neighbours started fighting over his premises. So he would have been kicked out of this country. According to Sarah, they had to marry for him to stay in Kenya," Bernard narrated. 

    He went on to praise the deceased for how took care of his wife.

    "He fell in love with Kenya, and later started a new life. In the meantime, a secret relationship started growing slowly by slowly with Sarah. He raised Sarah's daughter and sponsored her education since she was three years old until she did her master's degree at in a university in the Netherlands," he recalled.  

    Bernard also painfully recalled how one of their parents had survived a harrowing World War II genocide of the European Jews only for the son to die a painful death. 

    "So unexpectedly, we learnt of the torturing and subsequent slaughtering of our brother. For the three of us coming from a family of a Holocaust survivor, it was least expected," Bernard mourned.

    Wairimu while speaking, lashed out at family members who she accused of hypocrisy. 

    "There is nothing secret. I'm glad you've heard all my names and I'm glad you realise I'm Sarah Cohen or Sarah Tobs. Know that very clear. 

    "It's been painful but I'm glad...for the family members who are pretending to be family.... yours is another story," she added.

    Sarah Wairimu laying flowers on her husband's grave. She lashed out at some family members accusing them of hypocrisy