Machachari Stars' Moving Reactions After Citizen TV Cancels Show

  • Actors in the popular Machachari show on Citizen TV that is slated to wrap up on Friday, October 4, have opened up about the station's decision to end it.

    Three of the show's notable personalities Kamau Mbaya aka Baha, Malik Lemuel Mbelle aka Govi and Brian ole Ndwala popularly known as MaDVD revealed that it was high time the show ended.

    Speaking to, MaDVD praised Royal Media Services for offering mentorship to the actors who, he says, gained so much from their roles on the 13-year show.

    "It has been a good 13 years and you can see everyone, like Baha, has a good grasp of the industry. Now they are producers. It has also enabled them to get other jobs like Sofia and the likes.

    Popular Machachari star Kamau Mbaya popularly known as Baha admitted that he was a little hurt by the show's ending.

    "The move is good because as much as they would like to entertain their audiences, it also provides room for growth," he stated.

    He also praised the show for letting some of the actors, like himself, unlock their hidden talents that never actually relied on acting alone.

    "On that programme, the cast and crew learned a lot because some of them branched out to pursue different roles in the film industry. I became a director after pursuing my dream on the show first," he continued.

    Govi, on his part, revealed that he was saddened by the ending of the show but disputed claims that the characters' age-factor influenced its cancellation.

    "I left the show in January so people should stop spreading lies that the show was cancelled because the characters had outgrown their roles. 

    "The truth is that the show is no more and I feel bad although all that has a beginning must come to an end," added Govi.

    Baha, however, admitted that he was a little hurt with the ending but celebrated the long run it had.

    "To be honest inauma (it hurts). but we shouldn't be sad because it is over…but celebrate it happened," expressed Baha.

    Citizen TV's Production Manager Stanley Ngige, on Monday, September 30, told this writer that Machachari was getting offscreen after pressure mounted over the age of its characters in a show supposed to ideally mimic the lives of teens. In its place, the broadcaster has settled for Johari.

    He further intimated that the show was trailing in ratings averaging between 3.8 million and 4.8 million in weekly viewership.

    Machachari actors Kamau Mbaya (left) and Malik Lemuel Mbelle