Citizen TV MD Recalls Cancelling Jeff Koinange's Guest's Show Over Beer

  • During JKLive, a show that airs on Citizen TV, the station's Group MD Wachira Waruru, sent a message to Jeff Koinange, who was hosting Redykyulass comedians Walter Mong'are alias Nyambane and Tony Njuguna.

    In the text message read out by the news anchor, the MD stated that he once had to cancel a skit which the comedians had portrayed retired President Mwai Kibaki to be in the hospital.  

    "When I was at KTN, I had to cancel a skit in which Kibaki was hospitalized with a [beer brand] as his drip," Jeff read the message amid laughter.

    From (L) Tony Njuguna, Walter Mong'ara and JKLive host Jeff Koinange. Citizen TV Group Managing Director sent a message disclosing of a time he had to cancel a Redykyullas show.

    Mong'are recounted that at the time, Njuguna was taking alcohol on set and had decided to add it as part of the skit.

    "Tony found a way of drinking onset that's why he insisted for us to put that drip. It had nothing to do with Kibaki," Mong'are explained.

    The two relived their acting days where Nyambane played retired President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi and Tony Njuguna who played former President Mwai Kibaki.

    Nyambane reiterated that the production and broadcast of the show was easier and much more convenient during the Moi era than it was post-2002.

    He added that it was perceived by many as a very tough period, especially for those who did not find favour with the head of state. 

    However, playing President Moi did not land Nyambane in any trouble let alone strain production or airing of the rib-cracking show. 

    Tony Njuguna backed Nyambane, agreeing that they did not face any threat under Mzee Moi's reign.

    Below is the video;