Multi-car Crash Paralyses Traffic on Thika Superhighway [VIDEO] 

  • An early morning multi-car crash on Thika Road outbound at Muthaiga involving 4 buses, brought traffic to a standstill along the busy highway

    Early reports stated that the October 17, freak accident may have been triggered by overspeeding coupled with the heavy rains that pounded Kenya's capital, Nairobi, at the time.

    No casualties were reported, as motorists heading to Thika were advised to use the service lanes to avoid the crashed cars that had blocked off the entire highway.

    Multiple cars involved in an accident along Thika superhighway. October 17, 2019

    Four passenger buses and a double cabin pickup were among the cars involved in the accident.

    Witnesses claimed that one of the buses lost control during an overtaking manoeuvre, while the other skidded off the wet road and on to the crash barriers leading up to the accident.

    The double cabin pickup is then said to have rammed into the already stalled cars due to pure visibility caused by the early morning shower.

    The freak accident comes just three days after the Kenya Meteorological Department issued a 'heavy rain warning', urging motorists to be extra cautious while on the road.

    "Residents are advised to avoid driving through moving water," read an excerpt of the meteorological department's statement.

    A motorist managed to capture a short clip of the accident scene: