Glaring Shame of Raila's Neglected School [PHOTOS]

  • Kisumu Union Primary School in Kisumu County, formally known as Komulo Primary School was where Raila Odinga and his brother Oburu Odinga received their primary education.

    The Daily Nation on Thursday, October 17, reported that the school was in a state of decay and dilapidation, one hundred years since its inception in what was formerly referred to as the Nyanza Province.

    This is despite the fact that its most popular alumnus is the African Union Envoy for infrastructure, and another a member of the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA), based in Arusha Tanzania (Oburu).

    Kisumu Union Primary School. The school is proud to have hosted some of the greats in the Kenyan society, including ODM leader Raila Odinga, his Brother Oburu Odinga and Dorothy Nyong'o, wife to Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong'o.

    Also stated to be an alumnus of the institution is Dorothy Nyong' o, the wife to Kisumu Governor Professor Anyang' Nyong' o.

    The Daily Nation reported that early 2019, the Kisumu County Department of Health and Sanitation visited the institution with a view to closing it after they discovered that some of the school structures were sitting on open sewer lines.

    This event is alleged to have forced the school's headteacher Stephen Mbanda and other former students of the school to launch a revamping exercise in adherence to the warnings.

    The performance of the school was also reported to have tanked over the years contrary to the earlier days where the school is said to have been one of the best in Nyanza Province.

    The former students came together in April 2019 under the umbrella of the Kisumu Union Alumni Association (KUAA) with an aim to restore the school's former glory.

    "We are sorry that the school is deteriorating in both physical and academic terms. The current mean score shows that we are doomed if the school is not uplifted," Silas Odhiambo, the chair of KUAA was quoted.

    The Daily Nation also reported that the frenzied repair and maintenance efforts were in an attempt to get the school to be in a better condition as it is set to celebrate a hundred years at an unspecified date, having come into inception in 1919.

    Classroom in session at the Kisumu Union Primary School where Raila was once a student.

    According to the Primary Education Directory (2017), the pupil-to-classroom ratio in Kisumu Union Primary School is 46.1 and the pupil-to-toilet ratio are 15:1. The total numbers of students enrolled in this school are 750.

    The directory also alleges that the school has 14 TSC (Teachers Service Commission) teachers,2 PTA (Parents-Teachers Association) teachers, and 1 BOG (Board of Governors) teacher.