Crucial Event That Forced Raila to Look for Miguna

  • Miguna Miguna, a controversial lawyer and a man who served ODM leader Raila Odinga as his personal advisor from 2009 to 2011, has come to be known to many as the man who freely speaks his mind.

    Though he was deported to Canada, the advocate does not shy away from posting controversial remarks about politicians on his social media pages.

    In an interview conducted by Citizen TV in 2012, Miguna disclosed that he and the former prime minister started their friendship in 2006 when he was still practising law in Canada.

    He stated that the alliance was formed just before the General Election in 2007.

    Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna. He narrated of how the ODM Leader Raila Odinga.

    "Raila only heard of Miguna through my articles, he didn't know me," he stated.

    Further, the barrister noted that his hard work and dedication led the ODM leader to notice him.

    "I work hard, I try to do the best. Raila knew me through that. Raila needed me to help him, he identified skills that he thought I had and that other people around him did not have," he continued.

    On Friday, October 17, while riding on the succession row pitting the Odinga family against Lwam Bekele, Miguna posted unprintable statements about the family on his social media pages.

    He also alleged that after the passing on of in January 2015, a sorrowful Raila demanded to be left alone in the room with Fidel's body.

    He claimed that Raila demanded a controversial rite be performed on the body before it was taken to Lee Funeral home for post-mortem.

    "He sent for an old Luo traditional medicine man (ajuoga) from Sakwa. The Luo traditional medicine man (ajuoga) found Raila alone in Fidel's bedroom. Raila ordered him to chop off Fidel's right thumb," he wrote.

    "Let me give Raila Odinga a piece of advice: Never, ever, betray your adviser for 30 pieces of silver," he concluded.