Angry Kenyans Condemn Uhuru's CS After String of Failed Projects

  • Transport CS James Macharia, on Wednesday, October 23, faced backlash from angry Kenyans on Twitter following The Standard's lead story on the day titled 'The Sh800b minister with few answers'.

    The story highlighted Macharia's failed projects since his appointment to the ministry in 2015 by President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

    "Since November 2015, when President Kenyatta entrusted him with the expansive ministry, to June 2018, Macharia’s five-state departments combined have received a staggering Sh800 billion in development cash, most of it borrowed," an excerpt of the story read.

    Some of the projects the CS has failed to deliver include; bridges, highways, seaports and airports.

    A copy of The Standard newspaper on Wednesday, October 23

    Further, the publication reported that other ministries, departments and agencies budgets had been cut down by the Treasury as the Transport Ministry continued to benefit.

    "As to whether Macharia has used the power of the shillings under his control well, the jury is still out," another section of the story read.

    Kenyans on Twitter took the cue from the newspaper to express their outrage over the minister's seemingly unimpressive scorecard.

    "I have always told you CS James Macharia...should have resigned a long time ago. I have sung here till its monotonous. Thank you The Standard for taking over. He is the one who brokers such big deals that are putting us in debt," a user by the moniker Lord Abraham Mutai stated.

    "After all is said and nothing is done, the fact that CS Macharia is still in the cabinet speaks volumes about Uhuru Kenyatta and nothing about Macharia," Muigai Kihanya weighed in.

    Other's would wade into the bombardment of Deputy President William Ruto with corruption allegations while other top officials in the Jubilee administration were spared the much-needed scrutiny.

    "People have been trading their guns on DP yet the likes of James Macharia are the real godfathers of looting, incompetence, cartels summed with extremely huge hubris. He is the main reason why transporters are demonstrating in Mombasa because of his decision on cargo movement via SGR," Josh Oluga commented.

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