Ruto's Ally Demolishes Shebesh With Snide Remarks

  • Deputy President William Ruto's ally spat vitriols on Gender CAS Rachel Shebesh, accusing her of being a drug addict which allegedly inhibits her decision to support  Jubilee Kibra candidate McDonald Mariga.

    Cate Waruguru, Laikipia Woman Representative, escalated the rivalry between Inua Mama aligned to DP Ruto and Team Embrace aligned to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    The woman leader was speaking at a function in Isiolo on Friday, October 25.

    Rachel Shebesh with Team Embrace. On October 25, she was attacked by Laikipia Woman Rep Cate Waruguru

    "I believe you are all familiar with Shebesh. When you see her, buy her Miraa. I am harshly criticising her because she ashames the President by traversing Kibra claiming that he does not support Mariga.

    Is there any difference between a handsome gentleman like Mariga who plays football and any other local man in Isiolo who also play the same game and hustles hard by selling Miraa? Is there any issue between him and you when you both decide to run for a political seat?" Waruguru wondered.

    The legislator wowed the crowd by further defending their rights against Shebesh who she accused was out to trample upon hardworking youth.

    "If she keeps on looking down upon you, yet she is the one supposed to uplift you, who will support you? If she finds it hard, she can visit Isiolo or Meru, we shall provide her with Muguka," Waruguru mocked.  

    Shebesh on Friday, September 27, alleged that President Uhuru Kenyatta was coerced to endorse the Kibra Jubilee parliamentary candidate McDonald Mariga.

    She opined while speaking to women in Kibra constituency, alleging that Ruto and his allies gained access to State House through the back door.

    Shebesh stated that she was at State House when the DP pressurized the president to endorse Mariga on September 18, 2019.

    Deputy President William Ruto on Saturday, September 28, also responded to Gender CAS Rachel Shebesh's scathing attack on Mariga. 

    Through his Twitter account, the DP urged all Jubilee supporters to ignore calls by those he deemed not fit to speak for the party leadership. 

    On Friday, September 28, Kandara Member of Parliament Alice Wahome informed that Inua Mama group has hatched a plot that would see Shebesh fired from her public service role. 

    Kandara MP Alice Wahome (third right) with other Inua Mama outfit leaders. On September 28, she stated that the group would gang up against Shebesh until she is kicked out of office