Anne Kiguta Dresses Down Uhuru's CSs for Failing Him on K24TV

  • K24 TV anchor Anne Kiguta on Sunday, October 27, put the cabinet on notice over failed policies that had negatively impacted youth employment in the country.

    On her show, Punchline, a tough-talking Kiguta warned the cabinet that the herculean task of creating jobs did not solely rest on President Uhuru Kenyatta, but his entire executive team.

    "You are in office as qualified men and women earning huge salaries while enjoying the trappings of power. 

    "The government promised to create 1 million jobs a year but has failed to keep its promise to Kenyans and the president does bear the ultimate responsibility but also do you, his team," she stated. 


    Kiguta further stated that the Cabinet would not be forgiven for knowingly leading the country down a path of destruction.

    "Failing to solve the jobs question and addressing the state of the economy is a recipe for disaster. You will all be held accountable for implementing policies you know would not help Kenyans and for every action or inaction that pushes Kenyans into poverty," she added.

    She urged the executive team to work for the collective benefit of the 50 million Kenyans who depend on them.

    "It is time to hit the pause button and analyse what is not working. Take note of desperate youth who are trying to get employment," Kiguta opined.

    Here's a video courtesy of K24TV: