Watch as MPs Struggle to Debate in Kiswahili

  • National Assembly majority leader Aden Duale poked fun at fellow Members of Parliament who struggled with the national language, Kiswahili, during debate sessions on the floor of the house.

    Duale who was speaking during the National Assembly's inaugural public forum for committees televised live on Citizen TV on Thursday, October 31, reminded the MPs of their humorous struggle with the language.

    "I thank the members who tried to speak the language but most of us are still learning and it will take time to fully get used to it," the MP noted.

    Deputy Speaker Cheboi Addressing the Forum on Thursday, October 31.

    He also pointed out that for most MPs, the language was a struggle because Parliamentary debates were predominantly done in English.

    "I did not know some words could be in Swahili, for example, the Mace. I learnt yesterday that it is referred to us Siwa," Duale added.

    MPs on Wednesday, October 30, humorously struggled with Swahili when Deputy Speaker Moses Cheboi introduced a translated version of the standing orders.

    In a video published on the Parliament's YouTube page, Cheboi introduced Order Number 11 which had been written in Swahili attracting chuckles from the legislators.

    "Mheshimiwa ndugu speaker, kwa sababu hivo ndivo inafanywa. Ningesema hivo kwa Kiingereza lakini kwa Kiswahili tunasema ndugu speaker"

    "Mr Speaker, because that is how it is done. I would have said it in English but that is the Swahili version," Cheboi mentioned when he introduced the motion.

    The MPs went into a frenzy as he pulled out a Kamusi claiming that he was ready for the challenge that stood before him.

    Cheboi read the Kiswahili version of the standing orders that was introduced in Parliament on Tuesday, October 29.

    Below is a video showing Kenyan MPs struggle to articulate themselves in Kiswahili.