Intimate Details of Simba Arati's Chinese Wife

Dagoretti North Member of Parliament, Simba Arati, has over the years made headlines with his loyalty towards Orange Democratic Movement leader, Raila Odinga.

The legislator, however, despite flying high in politics, has managed to live a private life, managing to keep his wife away from the spotlight. 

A few people became familiar with Arati's wife, whose name has never been disclosed after he paraded her in 2018 at an event in Kisii where he defended himself against accusations that he was an 'immature boy'. 

In 2018, Arati was declared an Abagusii community spokesperson, a move that irked a section of his community who unnecessarily attacked him for marrying a Chinese woman. 

In a later interview with Milele FM, the ODM legislator brushed off the criticism from a section of his Abagusii community narrating how he had met his wife.

Arati met his partner while pursuing a degree in Business Management at Guangzhou University in Guangdong province, China from where he Arati graduated in 2006.

"I married from Asia but these are private family matters. Whether my wife is from Thailand, China, Europe or wherever it has not affected my ability to lead and deliver for the people. 

"Obama's father was a Kenyan and that did not stop him from being the US President," stated Arati.

Arati's wife speaks fluent Kisii and has never shied away from showcasing her knowledge of the language. During the countable occasions they have appeared together, she usually sings a number of the vernacular songs. 

In a past interview with The Standard, Arati heaped praises on his wife, stating that he never sought for satisfaction outside their matrimonial home. 

"She helps me. I have never cheated on her. Handling one woman is already difficult, so why should I get more? I don’t entertain slay queens or funny women, my brother.

"Sometimes they throw themselves at me, but I politely decline their advances because, for someone who holds public office, they can be easily used to bring you down," Arati asserted. 

The two are the proud parents of two.