Duale Openly Attacks MPs in Fresh BBI Outburst

The leader of the majority in the National Assembly Adan Duale once again came under pressure to declare his stand on the Building Bridges Initiative on Wednesday, November 13.

Duale who spoke during a parliamentary sitting held to vet nominees appointed to the National Cohesion and Integration Commission reiterated his stand on the Uhuru-Raila initiative.

"Those who are defending BBI don't know what is the BBI, those opposing it don't know what is in the BBI," Duale pointed out before responding to the queries pelted at him by fellow lawmakers over the matter.

Building Bridges Initiative chairman Yusuf Haji (centre) and vice-chairman Adams Oloo (right) listen to submissions from members of the public at the Kenya School of Government in Nairobi on November 22, 2018.

"Because my name has been around here for some time, someone today was saying Duale should declare his stand on BBI," the Jubilee MP stated.

"I want to tell you, Mr Speaker, that I have never been and I will never be a psychophant. I will speak my mind," Duale affirmed before accusing fellow Lawmakers of sycophancy. 

"Mr Speaker, I'm not a cheerleader. And I'm not joining a choir. I only join a choir which I know has the interests of my constituencies in mind," the majority leader fired back. 

On Monday, October 28, Duale expressed his opinion on BBI where he insisted that the country needed to adopt a Parliamentary system of government. 

However, the Garissa town MP voiced his objection to a referendum needed to change the current structure of government.

Duale was of the opinion that only a parliamentary system of governance would address the tension and bloodshed associated with every general election. 

The lawmaker also urged Mt Kenya MPs to tone down their hard stand on the BBI and at least, allow another region in Kenya to take the presidency.  

Below is the video of Duale's outburst:

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