Mini Jeff Koinange Starts Off Citizen TV Bulletin With a Bang [VIDEO]

  • Citizen TV Studios were 'smoking' on Wednesday night, November 20 after a young boy did a flawless imitation of Jeff Koinange.

    The 11-year-old Joseph Ndegwa Ngari, boldly introduced the show as a renowned journalist watched in awe.

    "Welcome to Citizen TV my name is Jeff Koinange, remember to tweet @KoinangeJeff and the hashtag is always JKLive and JKLive begins right now, here, 'taanight' on JKLive," Ndegwa introduced while holding Jeff's signature cup of chocolate.

    Joseph Ndegwa Ngari intoducing the Jeff Koinange Live show on Citizen TV on Wednesday night, November 20.

    Jeff was left in stitches after the stellar performance by Ndegwa who he described as a mini version of him asking him to repeat the introduction. 

    More intriguing was how Ndegwa seamlessly took turns with Jeff, perfectly completing his sentences as if he had been a co-host in the show all his life.

    "Start tweeting @KoinangeJeff,” Jeff began as Ngari chimed in: “Kenya hashtag is always...” quickly gesturing at his co-anchor prompting him to respond: “JKLive”.

    Ngari continued: “JKLive begins…..” as Jeff replied, “Right now….” Ngari then ended the introduction with an emphatic “Taanight! On JKLive!”

    Constantly mimicking Jeff, the grade five pupil disclosed that he wanted to be a journalist, just like his role model Jeff.

    "You want to be me? Should I retire?," Jeff questioned Ndegwa, who was quickly jumped on the offer.

    The Olulung'a Primary school pupil who hails from Narok county did not only impress Jeff but sports journalist Benard Ndong who resulted to borrow from Ndegwa's 'taaanight' phrase.

    "Coming up in the world of sports, I'm tempted to say 'Tatenham'," he joked.

    The Arsenal diehard fan ended the show in style with the JKLive ritual of using the fire extinguisher to cool the rising temperatures after a heated show.

    "It is smoking hot! Jeff, you will be arrested for asking me to use a fire extinguisher and yet I am a minor," joked Ndegwa right after operating the extinguisher.

    The 11-year-old's presence at the show came after a video of him imitating Jeff went viral in November. This about two weeks after another young boy, Levis Saoli imitated Citizen TV presenters. Saoli was later granted access to the stations studios where he interacted with its anchors and even got to read the news.