Millicent Omanga's Multi-Million Company Oozing Class

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga carved a niche for herself in the political sphere when she was nominated by Jubilee Party to represent women.

Despite owing her political fortunes to Deputy President William Ruto, who also helped her land a job at KenGen as a director, Omanga built her own company from scratch to qualifying for multi-million shilling contracts. 

According to the company's social media pages, Omanga founded Milways Enterprises on November 1, 2012. The company deals in construction, interior décor and import of furniture.

Previously, she was a hawker in the streets, dealing bedsheets bought from wholesalers and selling them at a profit.

“I used to bargain with the Asian shopkeeper for a good price that could ensure I got a profit when I resold the sheets later.

"Today, I am a CEO of a big, nationwide company," Omanga stated in a past interview with a local news outlet. 

The company is located at Argwings Kodhek Road in Nairobi and decorates households, restaurants, hotels and bars.

The enterprise further offers consultancy on interiors from their set of professionally trained interior designers.

Photos seen by indicated that their items are authentic and involve materials ranging from glasses to metal, silkwood and cotton.

They also design cutlery and other utensils. 

Being an interior designer by passion has ensured that the decor of her house remains just as glamorous.

According to photos seen by, the lawmaker seems to have taken time designing the living space of her house by herself.

In its living room, the house spots a big TV screen, which is somewhere in the regions of 40-inches, overlooking a well-designed space that holds a classy sofa and carpet.

The two-storey building also boasts leather seats inside the expansive living room as well as the dining area.

The politician was inspired to start the business, during her days as a student of Commerce at the University of Nairobi, by the hardship at her home, especially after her father passed on.

Video courtesy of Milways Enterprises