Inside Look at Jaguar's Posh Mansion in Nairobi

  • Starehe MP Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar, seems to be living his best life, roughly three years into his first term as a lawmaker.

    A report by Standard Digital shows that the celebrated singer has built himself an attractive and uber-posh residence in the outskirts of Nairobi and furnished it accordingly.

    The house is a one-story building that spots a great design and colours that give it a cool feel. The colours are yellow for the gutters and a light grey.

    The house's living room espouses an eclectic feel with its bright yellow colour.

    MP Jaguar seated outside his house in the outskirts of Nairobi.

    While furnishing the living room, the lawmaker opted for a minimalist design, as there are a few leather sofa sets with little cushioning.

    The sitting room also spots a marble floor and his study room is furnished with leather seats and an elegantly designed bookshelf.

    Outside, the home is a cabro-paved compound including walkways and driveways.

    The parking is big enough to accommodate up to four cars at any particular time.

    The compound also boasts a well-manicured lawn with flowers planted around the house.

    The home, however, is not the only luxurious commodity the lawmaker has acquired. In August, he bought an abandoned Phoenix-operated aircraft registered under 5H-SKT that was being auctioned by the government.

    He reportedly dropped Ksh120,000 to acquire the plane before customising it to his taste.

    Below are more photos of her house:

    MP Jaguar rests on a couch in his exquite house in Nairobi.
    Jaguar reads a book while in his exquisite mansion in Nairobi.
    A car packed outside Jaguar's exquisite mansion in Nairobi.