KTN News Anchor Gutted After Kin Dies Hours Before Planned Meeting

  • KTN news anchor Zubeida Kananu on Sunday, December 15, took to social media to mourn the death of her kin.

    In a post on her social media, Kananu expressed her sadness over the demise of her grandmother whom she had promised to visit.

    Her grandmother passed away on Saturday, December 14.

    "My heart is in pieces. My only grandma is gone. I promised to come to see you tomorrow, why didn’t you wait for me," she stated.

    KTN News anchor Zubeida Kananu

    The KTN News anchor took time to reflect on the times they shared together.

    "As I hold your ID and burial permit, it pains me, I choose not to question God but rather thank him for the great times we shared," she added.

    In her post, Kananu further conveyed, "I love you, grandma. You had a big heart, you taught us to Love. I’ll forever be grateful, safiri salama, tutaonana baadaye."

    Kenyans took to social media to send their condolences to the journalist.

    "Poleni sana. May her soul rest in eternal peace," on user wrote.

    "My condolences. May grandma’s soul rest in eternal peace. Poleni sana," another netizen expressed.