Controversial Nairobi Pastor Bounces Back After 15-Year Scandal

  • A controversial pastor has made a return to the pulpit in Nairobi after fighting a 15-year scandal that attracted investigators from both Kenya and the United Kingdom.

    According to a report by Daily Nation, Pastor Gilbert Deya has set up a church in Nairobi with a signpost announcing his return on Moktar Daddah Street reading “Gilbert Deya Ministries UECK”.

    The controversial pastor gained infamy in 2004 when an investigation dubbed 'miracle babies' exposed him for allegedly stealing babies.

    After denying the claims, the bishop moved to the United Kingdom where he got deported for failing to secure residency in the country.

    Pastor Gilbert Deya during a court proceeding. A scandal dubbed 'miracle babies, in 2004 exposed an alleged child trafficking ring that was being run by the embattled pastor.

    In the scandal, Deya was exposed for going after barren women and reportedly running a child trafficking ring.

    When he landed in Kenya, the embattled evangelist got detained for nine months at Kamiti Prison and only got freed in May 2018 after posting a hefty bail of Ksh10 million.

    An undercover investigation, the paper disclosed that the return of Deya Ministries was a grand event that was expected to commence on Sunday, December 14 all the way to Sunday, December 22.

    So grand was the party that services at the ministry were suspended in preparation of the homecoming rally.

    "The crusade would be a big thing since the government has granted us land for the event.

    “It will be a big party. There will be 21 goats, 21 chickens and lots of food for everyone,” the publication quoted the pastor.

    He further noted that notable people would be attending the rally and that it would be broadcasted on his TV network Deya’s Television Network, DBN.

    Among guests expected to grace the event were Embakasi South MP Julius Mawathe and former city mayor Joe Aketch.

    Embakasi South MP Julius Mawathe gives a speech on April 6, 2019 after he won a by-election.