Alice Wahome Cries Out to Uhuru After Toilet Saga

  • Kandara MP, Alice Wahome, cried out to President Uhuru Kenyatta after she became a trending topic on social media over a photo of a dilapidated toilet in her constituency.

    On Sunday, December 29, Wahome was on the receiving end after she lashed out at critics over the poor state of toilets in a school in her constituency.

    On Monday, December 30, during the burial of the first African Mayor of Nairobi City, Charles Rubia, Wahome seized the opportunity to address the issue to the head of state and ask for his support in improving the sanitation within Kandara.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta arrives at Karigu-ini Primary School grounds in Murang'a County for the funeral service of the former Cabinet Minister Charles Wanyoike Rubia. on Monday, December 30, 2019

    "Your Excellency, I trended because I called somebody Jinga Wewe.  I was reminding him, that the shame is ours as a country, we are fixing where we can and I believe this will be done. This is after somebody posted school toilets for a primary school that I have been able to deal with halfway through CDF but I was not able to fix all of them. 

    "And of course, there are many toilets within the constituency that I have not dealt with and I believe I will be able to do so through CDF," Wahome defended herself.

    She went on to urge Uhuru to also oversee the development of roads to ease traffic within the constituency as well as help in the improvement of sanitation inftrastructure in the area.

    "Kenol is a first growing town in Murang'a County and we have a problem with sanitation and sewage. The road linking this area to Murang'a town requires development as it is a 3km road and it would ease traffic. Motorists are usually stuck in a traffic snarl for up to four hours.

    "I am aware we can engage elsewhere but my constituents would like it if we speak it in your presence. We started with CDF but it has stalled. The last time when you were in Kenol, you assured us that we shall have adequate water, but if we can accelerate the process to the likes of services offered to Nairobi residents, I believe that would be better for the people of Kenol," Wahome urged. 

    Kenyatta responded to the request, urging leaders to strive to work for Kenyans with zeal and passion to better the nation. 

    "You have heard how leaders have asked the government to do this and that for them. I would, however, like to question us, resident of Murang'a, where our zeal went to. During the days of our elders who are present here, the leaders of Murang'a used to save their extra amount of money apart from the resources given to them by the Central Government. Where did that money disappear to?" Kenyatta wondered. 

    On Sunday, December 29, Wahome went further to challenge those who faulted her for the poor school facility mentioning that her responsibilities as MP did not include fixing school structures.

    "I challenge those who have commented to tell me where in my contract as an MP, I was given the job of fixing school infrastructure then you will make sense, Haters," she added.

    Her comments elicited reactions from a section of Kenyans online attracting over 700 comments with many calling her a failure as the area representative.

    A photo showing toilets in Kariguini primary school