Uhuru is the Biggest Existential Threat to Kenya's Economy - Alice Wahome

  • Kandara MP Alice Wahome on Thursday, January 2, claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta was solely responsible for the unenviable state of the Kenyan economy.

    In a video sent to newsrooms, the vocal MP placed the blame squarely on Uhuru indicating that the head of state had failed in steering the country's economy in the desirable direction. 

    "I want to tell Kenyans that the biggest existential threat to Kenya's declining economy, democracy, freedom of speech and political association is Uhuru Kenyatta because he is on the driver's seat.

    "Raila Odinga is his new mercenary for hire and the BBI report is the special purpose vehicle," she disclosed.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta arrives at Karigu-ini Primary School grounds in Murang'a County for the funeral service of the former Cabinet Minister Charles Wanyoike Rubia on Monday, December 30, 2019

    Wahome went ahead to advise the president to categorically renounce assertions that he was interested in remaining in power beyond 2022.

    "The assumption that the president should continue ruling after his term because he is young is an abuse to the intelligence of the people of Kenya.

    "The president should respond to some of those making the claims because they are coming from people who are closely related to him," she added.

    Further, Wahome claimed that luminaries supposedly within the ranks of her party in the region had informed her that they had been assigned to "fight her politically".

    "Personally I know that calls and meetings have been made to decide on what should happen to me because of a few statements I have made.

    "It would have been very bad if I would not have spoken to the space about democracy, freedom of speech and political choices during Rubia's burial."

    She added that she was happy with the president's response, who cited that he would ensure that his government would guard the political and democratic space.

    Kandara MP Alice Wahome