EXCLUSIVE: Why DCI Seized Miguna's Car - His Lawyer Reveals

  • National Resistance Movement (NRM) leader Miguna Miguna's advocate John Khaminwa, on Sunday, January 5, spoke to Kenyans.co.ke on the fiery lawyer's anticipated return to Kenya from Canada on Tuesday night.

    Speaking a day after Miguna's car was temporarily seized by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Khaminwa broke down what happened.

    After his Mercedes Benz was carted away in Nairobi, Miguna tweeted his suspicion that the government was out to install surveillance devices in the vehicle before he arrived in the country.

    Image of Miguna Miguna's vehicle that was seized by DCI officers

    Khaminwa, however, told this writer that the junior officers were acting on an unidentified complaint noting that he did not believe senior state officers were responsible. The vehicle was in the custody of Miguna's Personal Assistant Ferdinand Ogumah at the time of the seizure.

    "I received a call that this Mercedes had been seized by the authorities... The police seemed to be acting on some information, there is a complainant.

    "I urged the authorities not open up new areas of dispute and controversy at this time at all, because they will be highlighted and that's not good for anyone. We can address the issue of the car once Miguna has come back to the country," he stated.

    Khaminwa clarified that the police were quite reasonable and soon complied with his request, releasing the vehicle to Ogumah after his intervention.

    "I don't think the high officials of the state were involved with this seizure, they had absolutely nothing to do with it at all," Khaminwa stated.

    On Miguna's upcoming return, Khaminwa opined: "It does not matter what our position is in society, whether you're a Cabinet Secretary, you should always obey court orders. That is the crux of the matter of Miguna Miguna. And Miguna has a case that he has been treated unfairly. If they (court orders) had been complied with Miguna would not be talking the way he's talking at all."

    Khaminwa argued that Miguna wanted to be with his family and could not cause chaos, explaining that life abroad was not rosy.He disclosed that Miguna was bereaved having lost his Father-in-Law Benson Awange on 2nd January and wished to attend the funeral.

    "Those who are in the country should not treat judges and magistrates as small boys and small girls at all. These are senior members of the society, learned in the law and experienced, and when they make orders we should obey orders unless they are set aside again," he reiterated.

    Image of Miguna Miguna's lawyer John Khaminwa