Willis Raburu Jumps to Wife's Defence After Emotional Remark 

  • Endeared Citizen TV anchor and show host, Willis Raburu, stood by his wife, Marya Prude, after she made an emotional remark on God, after she lost her daughter

    On Wednesday, January 8, via Instagram, Marya lauded her close friends for uplifting her spirit but also regretted that God had deserted her at a crucial stage in her life. 

    "Everyone is so quick to tell me about God. What they don’t know is that every way I knew Him, He was tested and He didn’t prove Himself. So as they say you should know God for yourself, I now can say, I don’t know Him. And I don’t think I want to know him coz He left me when I needed him the most," Marya lamented.

    On Thursday, January 9, Willis Raburu opined that the only way to heal when in pain was to be yourself. 

    Willis Rabura and wife Marya Prude during one of their Lit To Be Fit episodes in 2019. The anchor lost his daughter in 2020

    "It's okay to be in pain when you are in pain. I think that's the only true way you will heal. The only true way I will heal.

    "I don't know much about those watching me but I know my daughter is up there. I love you," Raburu stated via Instagram.

    The 10 Over 10 show host also spoke to God by quoting two songs, Idk by Trip Lee (American Christian rapper) and Stings and Bling by Nasty C (South African rapper).

    "The smell of abandonment is in my nostrils clear. I don't see it, maybe I don't get Him. He must be asleep, call me when He's risen. Hmm, strange. If I was the Lord, I wouldn't be no pain. But you must be bored, or I must be insane. Ain't tryna say I'm wiser Lord. Just surprised that you ain't nicer Lord. I threw my prayers to the ceiling," Trip Lee sings on Idk

    "Evil runs lose every day and night. Love only visits on your birthday night. Can't judge a torn soul till you felt it's pain. Now heal me with all these chains. Kumbaya, kumbaya," Nasty C raps on Stings and Bling

    Snaida Ayub, a psychologist and counsellor informed Kenyans.co.ke that it was okay for the couple to release their pain as it was the only way to recover.

    "They need counselling and I hope they are taking it. It's okay for them to blame God as that shows that they are undergoing the grief stages. They have been through shock and denial, pain and guilt, and right now they are at the anger and bargaining phase, where they blame God for the incident.

    "Right now, they are depressed but with time, they will work through it and accept that it happened. Then they will be stronger and will use the incident as a source of strength for themselves," Ongachi stated. 

    According to Frontiers in Psychology, listening to music also reduces acute and chronic pain. 

    Raburu took a break from his duties to be with his wife as they recover from the loss. 

    Citizen TV's Willis Raburu and wife Marya Prude during one of their Lit To Be Fit episodes in 2019. In January 2020, the couple lost their daughter