Wilis Raburu In Mourning, Takes Break

An endeared Citizen TV anchor and show host is in mourning following the death of his precious daughter.

On Friday, January 3, 10 Over 10 host Willis Raburu, took to social media to announce he would be taking a break from his duties to help his wife, Marya Prude, uplift her spirit following the tragic incident.

Willis and Marya were expecting their first baby after being married for 3 years. 

"I want to thank you all for the support during this time for the comfort and love," Raburu wrote to his closest friends.

On his social media pages, the anchor heaped praise on his colleagues who stood by him, lauding them for their timely intervention in assisting his family find peace as they mourned their daughter.

"I am therefore going to be taking a short break from work and my duties at Hot 96, Citizen TV and 10 Over 10 to allow for my wife and I to get through the motions.

"While I am away several people will be holding for me, the shows will go on. I want to thank them in advance for heeding the abrupt call to action. I want to say thank you for those in the know who continue to lift my wife and me in prayer and ask that you continue to do so up until the time," Raburu expressed his gratitude.

He further urged his fans that he would be back strong and buoyed up.

"I will be back on your screens and on your radio! I love you all, you make me who I am. See you soon. Successful people look like you! Wabebee!" the hype man stated. 

His colleague, Lulu Hassan joined Kenyans in sending condolence messages to Raburu. 

"It is well Kakangu. Take heart, you are in our prayers," Lulu replied to the show host via Instagram. 

Raburu and Marya are famous for their Vlog dubbed Lit To Be Fit on YouTube.

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