Chris Kirubi Lifelong Dream Comes True After 79 Years

  • It's hard to believe that business mogul, Chris Kirubi, achieved his lifetime dream at the age of 79 years, as he has been associated with success at everything he sets his heart and mind on.

    However, for him, he took time to strategise how he would build his dream home, a move that paid off, as reported by Business Daily in a candid interview with Jackson Biko.

    According to the report, published on Friday, January 17, Kirubi knew that he needed to work hard to realise his dream.

    Billionaire Chris Kirubi. On Friday, January 17, he stated that he was building his dream home

    "I’m still trying to make it. I’m building my dream house. I built this house we’re sitting in 30 years ago. I bought this land when this area had only white settlers. Roger Whittaker’s (who sang “My Land is Kenya”) parents lived across the bottom of my plot. To be successful you must trust yourself. Don’t believe in others’ judgement," Kirubi disclosed while stating that he only believed in God alone.

    The billionaire, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, stated that despite the fact that he was now successful, he struggled while growing up but never gave up on his dreams.

    "I never set out to make lots of money. I grew up poor. So I always dreamt from very early on that one day I’d make it. I believed in myself. I was disciplined. But I’m not yet successful. I have a dream. I still have more hills to climb. 

    "I work more now in my home than I worked in the office. I have five to six meetings a day. Many people come to see me because I’m sick. My people want to come and consult with me. I still run my companies. I’ve never switched off," Kirubi asserted. 

    The 79-year-old further disclosed that he was being driven by ambition, which he carefully handles as it may be harmful if one is careful.

    "It’s ambition. Ambition is what makes life. The day you have no ambition you die inside. Anybody who says they’re successful, they’re satisfied, will not live long, they will get in a coma, metaphorically. So, ambition is part of living. You have to continue being ambitious. There is always another hill to climb and you don’t see the end. Success is a mirage.

    "I’m not obsessed with money as such. I’m only interested in doing things that make sense. If I’m doing activities that bring me wealth, well and good. We give many scholarships to poor students; we just don’t make noise about it," Kirubi added. 

    When asked if he would marry in order to move into the new house with a partner, Kirubi had some words of wisdom as usual.

    "Marriage comes to you and it is a blessing, but you don’t go chasing it around because you will get the wrong partner. If I’m blessed then I will be blessed. I never count what I’m worth. Counting means looking back and I don’t look back," the tycoon advised. 

    Businessman Chris Kirubi greets former US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama when he toured Kenya in 2015.