Waititu Pours Heart Out During Impeachment Trial

  • Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu cried foul when he appeared before the Senate to defend himself in the ongoing hearings where he is seeking to reverse his impeachment by Kiambu County Assembly which was passed on December 19, 2019. 

    Speaking before a Senate plenary on Tuesday, January 28, Waititu lamented that the hearing seemed skewed to put him at a disadvantage from the onset.

    "The Senate Standing Orders mention clearly that seven days are required to summon the Senate. Mr Speaker, sincerely speaking, members were summoned well above the seven days.

    "I am just requesting you because [sic] I know that some of you will become governors in 2022 like it happened last time. You will also come here and require justice to be done to you," he told the senators. 


    He reminded the legislators that he had served two terms as an MP and that he was now in the chambers standings at the docks, a matter that he reiterated some of the senators might also find themselves in.

    "You will also require justice to be done to you. I just want to beseech you to do justice to me as a Senate," he prayed.

    Waititu also defended himself concerning the accusations levelled against him, with the insistence that he was innocent given that he had no access to the county apparatus in charge of funds as alleged.

    "All accusations have been said. I have experts in the county who deal with finances, highly qualified staff, and some of the accusations as you have heard them were handled by different people in the county.

    "I am not part of the procurement process, and I want to tell you as a house, that there are so many things that happen in a house that has over 8,000 employees," he defended himself.

    Nani Mungai, the counsel for Kiambu County Assembly, would have nothing to do with Waititu's pleas before the house, however.

    He insisted that Waititu had been key in raiding the county's coffers in cabals with members of his family, contrary to the governor's explanation that he was not in a position to access county resources.

    Njoroge Nani Mungai (pictured) is representing the County Assembly of Kiambu against embattled Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

    “The evidence that you will hear in the course of today will demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that Waititu has failed on the account of accountability, political governance and has done so in a manner that warrants his removal.

    "The only thing that one may commend Governor Waititu for is that he does not discriminate; when it came to looting public resources and giving them to the wives, he gave each wife resources," the lawyer tore into the county boss.

    He insisted that the county assembly was keen on proving that Waititu weakened the county governance structure so that he could put the county's resources