Boniface Mwangi Writes to IG Mutyambai, Gives 14-Day Ultimatum for Reply

Activist Boniface Mwangi on Thursday, February 6 penned a letter to Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai seeking clarification on the persistent inconvenience caused by VIPs and government vehicles on motorists along highways.

He made the request in conversant with the rights provided under Article 35 (1) and 232 (1) (f) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. Article 35(1) states that every citizen has the right of access to information held by the state.

Mwangi, in reference to a list that the National Police Service had released in May 2019 outlining state officials who had the right of way, asked whether it had been updated.  

He also sought information on how the general public was supposed to differentiate between VIPs who enjoy the right of way and those who break the law.

Busy traffic along a Nairobi highway

The activist asked for clarification on whether having right of way allowed VIPs to drive on the wrong side of the road.

"Are those in your VIP list allowed to drive on the wrong side, that is, the right-hand side of the road? Does that form part of their privileges?" he addressed in the letter.  

The May 2019 list the activist was referring to had included the president, deputy president, as well as the first lady. Cabinet Secretaries for Defence, Interior and Foreign Affairs and their PSs, as well as ambulances and fire brigade vehicles were also allowed the right of way.  

Others who enjoy the same privilege include the chief justice, attorney general, chief of defence forces, service commanders of the defence forces, inspector general of the National Police Service, deputy inspector general of the Kenya Police Service, deputy inspector general of the Administration Police Service, speaker of the National Assembly, speaker of the Senate, majority leader of the National Assembly, Senate majority leader, retired presidents and the retired prime minister.

He pointed out in the letter that government officials who use the wrong side of the road could cause accidents and damage to property.

Such was the case in May 2019 when a government vehicle made a driver lose control and rammed into guard rails as he was giving way to the VIP.

Mwangi gave IG Mutyambai 14 days to respond to the queries. 

Letter by Boniface Mwangi to IG Hilary Mutyambai

Letter by Boniface Mwangi to IG Hilary Mutyambai
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