Man Demands Ksh25M From Govt For Publicising Covid-19 Status

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    Osman Shariff is seeking Ksh. 25 million from the Isiolo County government in compensation for publicising his Covid-19 status.
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  • Osman Shariff, a businessman in Isiolo who was the first Covid-19 case in the county is seeking a compensation of Ksh25 million.

    Sharrif cites massive losses that his businesses have suffered and the stigma his family has gone through since his Covid-19 status was made public.

    He claims that healthcare workers at the Garbatula Hospital where he was quarantined took photos of him and shared his biodata on social media.

    A medical personnel holding a Covid-19 virus test kit.
    File image of a Covid-19 testing kit.

    The businessman wants the county government to pay him Ksh25 million as the employees of the hospital who leaked his health status are under its employ.

    Shariff stated that despite his status being released in May, he continues to suffer from stigma as people shun him, his family and businesses.

    The 62-year-old man revealed that he has since tested negative for the deadly virus following two tests that did not indicate the presence of the virus.

    He owns a wholesale shop in Garbatula Town and also has a number of buses that ply the Garbatula-Maua route that he says have now been snubbed by the public due to his previous health status.

    Sharrif narrated how a hotel in Isiolo town denied him accommodation due to his previous Covid-19 positive status claiming it was fully booked.

    His daughter, he claims, has also been on the receiving end of stigma as she was beaten by a mob in Maua town that singled her out for belonging to the 'Covid-19 family'.

    Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti on Monday, May 11, condemned the making public his Covid-19 status including his photo and biodata including full names and ID Number.

    "The patient had travelled by bus from Isiolo town to Garbatulla, with further reports indicating that he had spent a night in one of the lodges in Isiolo town after arriving from Eastleigh in Nairobi." explained the Governor at the time.

    Isiolo County Governor mohammed Kuti speaks during a past engagement.
    Isiolo County Governor Mohammed Kuti speaks during a past engagement.