Mike Gitonga: From KTN News Anchor to Resident Pastor at Citizen TV

  • KTN News anchor Michael Gitonga
    Former KTN News anchor Michael Gitonga
  • Former KTN News anchor Michael Gitonga has from Sunday, August 2, unveilled his never-seen-before preaching skills when he preached at a service that aired live on Citizen TV.

    The anchor took the podium of the House of Transformation Ministries, Nairobi Gospel Assembly Church, located along Garden City Mall, to complement the preaching by famous pastor Alloys Rutivi.

    In his preaching, Gitonga hailed Rutivi for his summon highlighting Genesis 18:25 where he noted that he always asks himself what God requires people to do after he has spoken.

    "I want to believe that today's word was the proceeding word of God," he stated.

    KTN News anchor Michael Gitonga
    Former KTN News anchor Michael Gitonga.

    In the middle of his sermon, Gitonga broke into a song, renditioning the hymn 'What a friend we have in Jesus' with a complimentary piano playing in the background.

    "My call to action is to take everything to God in prayer. Why? Shall not the judge of all the earth do right? Whatever condition you are going through, I am here to remind you that the judge of all the earth is just," he preached.

    Rutivi delivered a sermon centering around the subject, of God's Judgement, which was the theme of the August 2, service.

    Gitonga hosts the KTN News morning show, Morning express, and has previously served as a pastor at House of Transformation Ministries. 

    On May 21, Gitonga published a video on YouTube on the church's channel in which he argued that the word of God had not been watered down even as churches moved online as a result of Covid-19 pandemic.

    "The word of God is not diluted. It still holds the same power. The Bible reminds us that some trust in chariots and others in horses, but we depend on the name of God," he stated.

    Even though he is among the most famous anchors in the country, Gitonga at some point in his life worked as a cleaner to make ends meet.

    He revealed that he cleaned floors at a supermarket in order to raise school fees. He worked at night so he could attend classes during the day.

    The anchor is among a thin cluster of news anchors who have taken up roles in church including NTV News anchor Dennis Okari.

    Okari has previously noted that preaching is a heavenly calling and that he is quite passionate about the ministry.

    Below is the video of Michael Gitonga preaching: