Form Two Dropout Innovates Car From Two Motorbikes [VIDEO]

  • A car innovated by Sospeter Chiguzo
    An image of a car innovated from two motorbikes by Sospeter Chiguzo.
  • Sospeter Chiguzo from Kinango, Kwale County has managed to overcome all odds to innovate a car from two motorbikes.

    The car will have a capacity of five passengers when fully completed as it continues to undergo modifications to bring it up to standards.

    Sospeter dropped out in form two when his family could not afford to continue paying school fees but failure to complete his education did not deter him from embarking on the ambitious project.

    An image of Sospeter Chiguza
    Sospeter Chiguzo speaking to the media in Kinango, Kwale County.

    He started out small, repairing bicycles in the area but he graduated due to demand from bodaboda operators.

    "When I was a bicycle mechanic, there were no motorbikes in the area but the people started buying them slowly. When they broke down, people asked me to repair them because their mechanisms are almost similar.

    "I've been a driver and I know how a car operates, what it requires and what it does not, I applied the knowledge from a motorbike and I saw some similarity," he explained.

    Chiguzi split two motorbikes in the middle, mounting the front end of the bike to the car bonnet and the back to the boot, he then placed the two bikes side by side to create a car structure.

    He started out with his own motorbike and borrowed another from a friend and revealed that he has never turned to the internet for solutions but relies solely on his expertise.

    The innovator urged the government to help him with the project noting that it would create employment for jobless youth in the village.

    He has so far spent Ksh 220,000 on the endavour but costs are expected to rise once he completes building his prototype.

    His innovation attracted praise from residents and local leaders who encouraged youths to enrol in Technical Vocational Education and Training Institutions (TIVET) institutions.

    Residents hoped that one day the car would be mass-produced and registered under his name bringing pride to the whole village.

    This comes after the Government on Wednesday, July 22, announced a partnership with Sagak AutoTech to kickstart the process of mass-producing the Laikipia BJ-50.

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