Police Chopper Rescues Governors From Irate Mob [VIDEO]

  • A police chopper touching down at Ndeiya in Kiambu County on Sunday, August 9, 2020.
    A police chopper touching down at Ndeiya in Kiambu County on Sunday, August 9, 2020.
  • A police chopper was on Sunday, August 9, used to rescue to governors after they were caught up in a riot involving youth armed with arrows.

    A report by NTV disclosed that Kiambu Governor James Nyoro and his Kajiado counterpart Joseph ole Lenku were meeting Ndeiya residents to discuss an amicable solution to cross-border conflict. 

    The leaders were forced to flee as violence rocked the roadside meeting.

    Armed youth from the Kajiado side o the border accused the leaders of failing to tame the violence that had rocked the two counties for nearly a year.

    Kiambu Governor James Nyoro
    Kiambu Governor James Nyoro pictured addressing an event in Kiambu County in January 2020

    "I declare ceasfire between today and Tuesday... I was there and I almost lost my life," stated Nyoro.

    "After we arrived, we saw them (the youth) emanating from mountains and valleys and we were shocked that they were led by their chief.

    "I also saw that they were in the company of the county's (Kajiado) minister of administration," narrated a witness.

    According to the report, at least 15 people sustained injuries from the incident.

    "We were beaten, the county commander was also beaten together with the county commissioner as well as our governor," the witness added.

    Watch the witness report here:

    A few minutes after the commotion, a police chopper is seen arriving to attempt resue the leaders as the youth are scattered with their weapons.

    The conflict arose from cattle rustling practices carried out by two communities along the border that has been ongoing for a year now.

    Clashes in the area re-emerged on Saturday, August 8, and are reported to have left three people dead. Residents had lamented that the presence of police officers was not enough to protect their livestock from thieves.

    Below is the video of the close shave: