Matatu Hawker Stuns Kenyans With Unique Skills [VIDEO]

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    File image of touts hanging on a PSV matatu
  • Marketing is an art as it involves creating demand for whatever it is you are trying to sell. If one can grab a potential customer's attention long enough, they might just make a sale for the day. 

    In Kenya, it is not uncommon to see hawkers who frequent PSV matatus advertising and selling goods. Question is how often do we pay attention to these individuals or better yet, buy what they are selling.

    One hawker has stunned Kenyans with his unique marketing skills in a video that has gone viral on social media platforms.

    A number of Kenyans sought to trace him and buy his commodities with others adding that they would have been persuaded to purchase the commodities instantly. 

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    "Hii ndege inatoka Toronto kule Canada, Pakistan, Sudan roundabout. Ikikuja inaland hapa Pangani Police Station. Inauzwa Ksh 92 billion. I will sell it to you at Ksh 100. Very cheap in fact.

    "(This plane has come all the way from Toronto in Canada, passed through Pakistan and Sudan. It then lands at Pangani Police Station and costs Ksh 92 billion. However, I will sell it to you at Ksh 100. Very cheap in fact," the hawker states while referring to a toy plane. 

    His next item is a toy car which he describes as having a speed governor, insurance, teargas, 32-inch coloured TV. It comes with a logbook. Its cost is Ksh 18 million but he sells it at Ksh 100. 

    “32-inch TV owners are in the mud again. I can't hold my tears anymore,” one Irungu Antoine reacted. 

    The hawker appears to target children as his consumers for his other commodity is a toy phone which he describes as an original cell phone. It has internet,  Facebook, photosynthesis accompanied with a free charger, power bank and has a photo of 'Governor Anne Waiguru' (a doll which he says resembles the governor). 

    His sense of humour and in-depth knowledge of events is what caught most of the people's attention. While selling a toy laptop, he packaged his sales pitch around the 2017 controversial Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission circumstances.

    "This laptop cannot be hacked. It doesn't have Chiloba (former IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba) nor Miguna Miguna (exiled lawyer)," the hawker stated, referring to how the Orange Democratic Movement lamented on IEBC tampering with the 2017 Presidential election results.

    “This guy has bomb marketing skills/language. He would have made me buy the toy phone,” a netizen calling herself Sophisticated added.

    David M added that life teaches someone sales skills that are from out of this world. 

    Hawkers spotted in Nairobi CBD

    Watch the hawker selling his commodities