Baringo Residents Flee as Mysterious Sinkhole Appears [VIDEO]

  • An image of Baringo Sinkhole
    An image of a sinkhole that formed in Baringo South.
  • Residents of Baringo South have started vacating the area after a mysterious deep sinkhole appeared in the area following floods that has ravaged the county.

    The few residents left in the area are living in fear as there are serious concerns about the sinkhole further widening and leading to the collapse of land.

    Marigat Ward Administrator Hellen Juma has asked residents to vacate the area and detailed the mysteries of the sinkhole.

    A contractor has repaired a gaping hole on the Port Reitz-Moi International Airport access road in 2018.
    A contractor has repaired a gaping hole on the Port Reitz-Moi International Airport access road in 2018.

    "We ask the residents to please stay away from the area because there is danger, we do not know where the collapse might hit next.

    "The hole has been swallowing up water but it’s not filling up, the water is also coloured, it appears like the water is from Lake Bogoria," she noted.

    Experts had warned of a looming crisis after Lake Baringo and Lake Bogoria that were once 20km apart are now so closer together that there are fears they could contaminate each other, threatening wildlife and livelihoods still further.

    Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis has asked the naional government to send geologists to establish the cause of the formation of the sinkhole in the area.

    Residents in Baringo South claim the saw smoke billowing from the area before the ground collapsed, forming the deep sinkhole.

    "In the morning at around 6 a.m., we witnessed smoke emanating from the area, residents thought it was a hippopotamus but after a few minutes, the ground collapsed.

    "The water might cause another collapse, we want experts to conduct investigations because some people are still in the area," urged a resident.

    Residents still left in the area are asking the government to facilitate their relocation to higher areas as the water levels of the lake keeps on rising.

    The almost perfect round nature of the sinkhole adds to the mysteries of the sinkhole as the smoke that billowed before its collapse is yet to be explained.

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