Detectives Attempt to Save Kidnapped Woman Ends in Drama

  • Police set up roadblocks isolating the Nairobi Metropolitan Area on April 7, 2020.
    Police set up roadblocks isolating the Nairobi Metropolitan Area on April 7, 2020.
  • A woman who was kidnapped in Narok on Wednesday, September 2, was rescued from her unknown fate by DCI detectives after an All-Points Bulletin (APB) was radioed out to all stations.

    According to the police report, the lady was accosted by three thugs identified as Rose Waithera, Jackson kamau and Julius Guchu.

    They then stripped her of all her valuables and drove her to an ATM where they forced her to make a maximum withdrawal from her personal account.

    It was at this point that they decided to take her as a hostage incase of any potential glitches along the way.

    DCI's ERT Squad conducts a drill during training
    DCI's ERT Squad conducts a drill during training

    However, once they got to Siyapei area, the detectives who had been hot on their trail, pounced.

    The APB had resulted in the setting up of several roadblocks which is why the three suspects decided to abandon their getaway car along the side of the road and turned tail into nearby thickets.

    They were soon apprehended by the police who then returned to the vehicle where they found the visibly shaken victim bundled in the back of the car.

    "The victim's personal belongings including a mobile phone and money that she had earlier on withdrawn from the bank have been recovered and kept as exhibits pending their  arraignment," a statement issued by the DCI reads in part.

    Over the last few years, Kenya has witnessed a surge in cases of victims waking up with a mild form of amnesia, and a depleted bank account.

    In most instances, police have linked such cases to robbers notorious for drugging their victims before dragging their half-conscious bodies to ATMs where they bleed their accounts dry.

    Hundreds of similar cases have been reported, however, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a significant drop in the infamous spiking incidences, due to the closure of nightclubs.

    Following the latest incident, it would appear that robbers are now adapting new and more forceful tactics.

    The police maintained that citizens should remain vigilant especially during trips to ATMs on mobile money shops.

    A client using an ATM.
    A file image of a client using an ATM.
    drug thug suspect