Tano Tena Artist Ben Githae Surfaces With Campaign Against Ruto

  • Gospel musician Ben Githae sing a song to praise Jubilee Party in 2017
    Gospel musician Ben Githae campaigns for Jubilee Party in August 2017
  • Popular Kikuyu artiste Ben Githae surfaced with a campaign launched against Deputy President William Ruto on Friday, September 11. 

    Githae is famous for his hit song Tano Tena which Jubilee used to spearhead its campaign during the controversial 2017 General Elections. 

    Githae spoke against Ruto's hustler movement or system and urged fellow Kikuyu artistes to compose music to warn Mt Kenya against Ruto.

    The gospel musician added that the hustler system was a fallacy and a theory meant to blind Kenyans from succeeding in life.

    Deputy President William Ruto speaking in Kisii County on September 10, 2020
    Deputy President William Ruto speaking in Kisii County on September 10, 2020

    "We reject the spirits of hustler movement in Jesus' name! This movement is a lie. Hustling is all about being poor. We are being asked to believe that we can move from being a hustler to a dynasty. 

    "We need to reject it and push our people to succeed. Hustling is all about sitting around and languishing in poverty," Githae trolled Ruto.

    He argued that all hustlers were categorised as those who serve others and everything about them is a struggle. From their dressing to the property they own.

    Ruto is famous for using the hustler movement to drum support for his 2022 presidential bid. The DP has been wooing women and youth, warning them against dynasties who he has numerously accused of plotting to prevent him from being President. 

    He referred to dynasties as the deep state and the system. In October 2019, political analyst Herman Manyora stated that DP Ruto had hatched the hustler system and the wave was uniting Kenyans against his opponents.

    On July 24, reports surfaced alleging that President Uhuru Kenyatta reached out to elders and church leaders in a bid to tame Ruto and cut him off from youth and women

    Githae is not new to controversy. On June 25, he was criticised over his new song Ruhiu Rwa Uthamaki. Unlike Tano Tena which heaped praise on the 'UhuRuto' duo, Githae's latest single is an ode to President Uhuru Kenyatta and praised the purge in Jubilee Party which saw DP Ruto allies ejected from top party and Parliament seats. 

    The Kikuyu maestro had earlier lamented that he constantly faced trolls and criticism for the song Tano Tena

    "I can't go a week without trending. Every day people are on my Facebook page asking me funny things. They asked me whether I would release a song about the BBI (Building Bridges Initiative) and the other day, someone said I was releasing a song about Coronavirus featuring Jimmy Gait," the artiste stated in an interview with Kenyans.co.ke. 

    An image from Ben Githae's 'Tano Tena' video released in 2017
    An image from Ben Githae's 'Tano Tena' video released in 2017