How Churchill's Driver Changed MC Jessy's Life [VIDEO]

  • Daniel Ndambuki inside Chris Kirubi's car during a past interview
    Daniel Ndambuki inside Chris Kirubi's car during a past interview
  • Jasper Muthomi alias MC Jessy's success in the Kenyan comedy scene can be traced to Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki who gave him an opportunity to perform comedy. 

    The two were introduced to each other by Churchill's then-driver Fredrick Marvelous Arunga who used to minister with Jessy at Winner's Chapel.

    Arunga had seen Jessy performing jokes at church functions and pushed him to audition for Churchill Show

    Pastor Marvellous Arunda with his wife Christance
    Pastor Marvellous Arunda with his wife Christance

    The two were close friends until Arunda travelled to the US after marrying his wife Christance Arunda at a wedding in which Jessy was the MC.

    Comedian Eric Omondi recalled Arunda as a very outgoing classmate and a great basketball player. 

    "I went to school with him at Kisumu Boys, he was part of the team that went to the national championships while I was in drama. We were very mischievous and I did not think that he would become a pastor," he recalled. 

    In the US, Arunda founded the Authority Church in Oklahoma City which he runs with his wife Christance who is also a musician.

    After being introduced to Churchill, Jessy took the opportunity to make a name for himself and got his own segment, Churchill Raw.

    He would perform as a curtain raiser before the main show and the success of his performance led to a suggestion from NTV bosses that the segment could be packaged as an independent show. 

    It took one year and two months for MC Jessy to perfect his art before the show was finally aired which he continued to host until earlier in 2020 when performance shows were cancelled due to Covid-19 containment measures. 

    Like other comedians, the pandemic helped him adjust to the cancellation by creating a YouTube channel where he hosts celebrities for interviews. 

    Unknown to many, before the fame, MC Jessy used to style musician Nameless' hair. He revealed this through a post on his Instagram page, adding that the artist would reward him by gifting him clothes.

    “Today I just want to appreciate one person who has seen every step of my life. At one point in my life when I had two to three t-shirts to wear, this man Nameless allowed me to raid his closet and pick anything I wanted. We used to go and roll Nameless’ dreadlocks and that’s where we knew each other," he posted.