11-Year-Old Girl Impresses With Jeff Koinange Impersonation [VIDEO]

  • Citizen TV anchor Jeff Koinange (left) and 11-year-old Breana (right)
    Citizen TV anchor Jeff Koinange (left) and 11-year-old Breana (right)
  • An 11-year-old girl became a sensation online with an impressive impersonation of Citizen TV anchor Jeff Koinange.

    The girl identified as Breana confidently delivered an impression of the JKLive host from her parent's living room.

    Starting with a sip of water and her eyes fixed on the camera, the girl embodied the anchor from the mannerisms and intonation of the voice.

    Watch the video of her imitation below:

    "Good evening, I am Jeff Koinange, live at Citizen TV and as you know if it is Wednesday, It's JKLive, Taanight [sic]

    "The interview that was supposed to air last week was postponed and maybe that was good thing because COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli says it like he sees it," she stated.

    She even went further to engage her 'audience' encouraging them to send in in their questions and comments via social media and she would read them later.

    Koinange notice the video and posted it on his social media acknowledging the girl's talent.

    "Take a listen to 11-Year old Breaana with her own Special Brand of JKL. Somebody say Oh my! Time for me to 'hang up' my boots," he teased. 

    The impression excited many Kenyans online who praised the girl's talent and confidence. 

    "Awesome, you are truly a great inspiration to the young generation," one Winfred Wairimu noted.

    Others called for the media station to contract the girl to present the news.

    "Citizen TV, chukueni huyu direct atuletee news. Ako sawa (hire her at once to present the news, she is very gifted)" Florence Munyash wrote.

    This is reminiscent of Joseph Ngari Ndegwa, an 11-year-old whose impression of Jeff Koinange landed him at Citizen TV studios where he got to present the news with the anchor.

    The Olulung'a Primary School pupil from Narok County imitated Jeff's trademark voice and even stressed particular words like tonight, pronounced as 'taanight' by the renowned presenter. 

    Citizen tV anchor Jeff Koinange (left) and Joseph Ngari Ndegwa (right).
    Citizen TV anchor Jeff Koinange (left) and Joseph Ngari Ndegwa (right).