Father of 3 Gets Multiple Job Offers After Desperate Appeal

  • Joseph Wanyonyi who made an appeal on social media and got multiple job offers.
    Joseph Wanyonyi who made an appeal on social media and got multiple job offers.
    Joseph Wanyonyi
  • Joseph Owen Wanyonyi, a father of three children took to social media to make an appeal for help on Friday, October 23 as he was facing eviction from his home.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Wanyonyi expressed his gratitude to the Kenyans who came to his aid at his time of need as he had been jobless for months due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    "I appreciate help from Kenyans who have managed to raise Ksh15,200 via M-Pesa so far and I have also received at least 10 job opportunities," he disclosed.

    Wanyonyi noted that prior to the pandemic, he worked in events management as a decorator unable to get formal employment after he dropped out of school.

    Joseph Wanyonyi (right) with media personality Jalang'o
    Joseph Wanyonyi (right) with media personality Jalang'o during an event in 2018.

    "I have interviews from Monday with some jobs requiring education qualifications and having to renew my certificate of good conduct," he explained.

    He added that after losing his source of income, he had been surviving on the savings he had in his account as he tried to search for a job.

    "I fell sick in June 2020, I had to go to the hospital to seek medical help which cost a lot, and in August 2020, I started getting better but my skin condition was looking bad," he narrated.

    With his financial constraints, he approached his landlord who gave him a grace period not to pay rent.

    However, they were later given the notice to vacate because of road construction in the area.

    "I had Ksh300 remaining in my pocket, I was even afraid to tell my wife that and decided to share my story online for people to help me out," he added.

    Upon his post going viral on social media, Kenyans donated to his M-Pesa account as some supported him with shopping for foodstuffs.

    "The first thing is to find a place to move out to because I have seven days to vacate my current house. I don't want the bulldozers to find my family and me inside," he stated.

    Joseph Wanyonyi with his daughter
    Joseph Wanyonyi (left) with his daughter
    Joesph Wanyonyi