Matatu Rams Ambulance in Nairobi's Upper Hill Area [VIDEO]

  • An image of an accident
    An ambulance involved in an accident with a matatu on Sunday 25 October 2020 at Capitol Hill, Nairobi.
  • A matatu rammed into an ambulance in Nairobi's Haile Selassie Avenue on Sunday, October 25 with no casualties reported in the accident.

    The unbranded ambulance had its front bumper and headlights severely damaged as they were barely hanging on its body.

    The accident happened in the mid-morning hours at Capitol Hill in Upper Hill area, as the matatu failed to give way to the ambulance.

    NTSA officials pictured inspecting a matatu on the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway in December 2019
    NTSA officials pictured inspecting a matatu on the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway in December 2019

    The matatu did not have any major structural damage from the crash as it had few scratches on the right foreside.

    The ambulance still had its siren on minutes after the crash with the driver still also on at the wheel despite the accident.

    Occupants of the matatu were forced to take another Public Service Vehicle (PSV) as they were en-route to the Railways Terminus in Nairobi's Central Business District.

    The matatu belonging to NMOA Compliance Sacco had no driver and conductor at the scene of the accident after the crash.

    It was not clear whether the ambulance had a patient at the time of the accident but a video that was taken minutes after the crash suggested no passenger was aboard the vehicle.

    Matatus have been notorious for not giving way to ambulances and fire engines during emergencies with a number of near misses reported.

    The government is on the process of implementing the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) in Nairobi with marked lanes dedicated to buses and emergency vehicles and VIP convoys. 

    Onlookers who were present at the scene expressed their surprise on witnessing the accident between the ambulance and the matatu.

    Since the lifting of a number of Covid-19 containment measures, the country has reported an increase in the number of accidents.

    Watch Video Below: