Primary School Dropout Arrested in Ksh200M Health Scandal

  • A suspect in handcuffs
    A suspect in handcuffs
  • Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) detectives arrested the owner of a hospital in Nairobi County, accused of fraud involving medical tenders worth Ksh 200 million. 

    Benson Mbaka, a primary school dropout, was also accused of masquerading as a trained medical doctor. 

    Detectives alleged that Mbaka purported to award tenders for the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs). 

    He was further accused of obtaining money from clients before issuing non-existing tenders and fake Local Purchase Orders (LPOs).

    Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters along Kiambu Road
    Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters along Kiambu Road
    Simon Kiragu

    The detectives, however, detailed that the extent of the scheme could not be proved as no complainant had recorded statements with their office. 

    "The doctor would allegedly direct the unsuspecting businessmen to supply samples of their goods before the tender is finally awarded," a detective stated while speaking with a local daily.

    They are also investigating a foreign bank accused of being part of the scheme, as clients were allegedly advised to open offshore accounts with Ksh 500,000 deposit before business commenced. 

    Mbaka was detained at Muthaiga Police Station and will be arraigned in court on Friday, November 20. 

    Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has insisted that he is keen on curbing corruption within his Ministry. The CS stated that he is facing a challenge from cartels within Afya House and added that the whole sector needs a shake-up. 

    DCI further warned Kenyans of fake schemes and tenders. The detectives launched a crackdown against swindlers and scammers, with several arrested in Nairobi County. 

    On  Wednesday, October 28, a fake doctor Mugo wa Wairimu was sentenced to 11 years in prison. He was found guilty of running a medical clinic without a license.

    Mugo was also accused of unlawfully running an unregistered pharmacy and managing a medical laboratory without a license from the Kenya Medical Laboratory Practitioners among others.

    'Quack doctor' Mugo wa Wairimu in a court.
    'Quack doctor' Mugo wa Wairimu in a court.