Police Officers Arrested for Sneaking Suspects Out of Cell

  • A police car on patrol
    A police car on patrol
  • Three police officers have been arrested by their colleagues after they allegedly released a group of suspects who had been held for violating Covid-19 rules.

    The said pleasure-seekers had been arrested when police set upon a bar along Lang'ata Road operating late in the night against Covid-19 guidelines.

    Several patrons were cuffed and thereafter bundled into a waiting police van.

    Karen Hardy police station
    Hardy police station

    The revelers were taken to Karen Hardy police station where they were booked. It is then that the three accused police officers were left to watch over the suspects as their colleagues went out on patrol.

    The suspects were to be arraigned in court the following day.

    However, law enforcement allegedly struck a deal with the suspects before releasing them late in the night. 

    When the patrolling officers arrived at the station they were greeted by empty cells, and all the suspects had gone without a trace. A fierce argument is said to have ensued after the officers were put on the spot to explain themselves.

    The arresting officers were not happy to find some of their suspects had been released and proceeded to place their three colleagues who had been manning the booking desk. 

    According to the Governance and Corruption report, the Kenya National Police Service is ranked as the most corrupt institution in the country, and bribery is reported to be the easiest way to access expedited police services.

    Despite having oversight authorities, corruption is still deep-rooted in the police service. To have any chance of curbing corruption, the government must strengthen checks and balances

    A man in handcuffs
    A man in handcuffs
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