Businessman Turns Harvard School in Mombasa Into Bar

  • Gate to Majaoni Harvard School in Mombasa.
    Gate to Majaoni Harvard School in Mombasa.
  • Majaoni Harvard School in Mombasa has been turned into a bar and guesthouse even as other schools resumed learning.

    A video shared by NTV on Monday, January 4 indicated that the primary school had been closed and its structures converted into a hospitality facility, a status likely to remain permanent.

    The school signage, however, remained intact on the wall even as bar patrons continued to enjoy their time at the facility. 

    Speaking to, the owner of the school revealed that she had stopped using the building hosting the institution, following closure of learning institutions in March last year. 

    She added that she had leased it out to a businessman and was not aware of how the building was currently used.

    Students pictured during a lesson.
    Students pictured during a lesson.

    The owner further confirmed that she had talked to the students about seeking places in other institutions.

    "It was rented out and whoever took the rent, I don't know what he is doing with it. It was rented out as an individual household.

    "I already talked to the students one on one and I told them which schools to go to. When the times were tough I talked to them and I did not even have enough students," stated the proprietor.

    Majaoni Harvard School was a primary school that also provided daycare and kindergarten services.

    Several principals and school owners were forced to adapt to the tough times posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    In August 2020, Pastor Maina who is the director of Mwea Brethren Schools in Kirinyaga County opted to convert the classrooms to chicken houses.

    The explained that the lack of students had moved him into agri-business to sustain himself and his family.

    A classroom which would ordinarily have desks has been modified to harbour the chicken with each room able to accommodate over 250 chicken.

    Other institutions were turned into residences and offices.

    It is estimated that 339 private schools were permanently closed down with the state confirming that the affected 56,000 students would be transferred to public institutions.

    Below is the video of the school: