Journalist Lures 5 Police Imposters Into Trap In Night Attack

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    Police officers in Kenya during a night patrol
  • A TV 47 county reporter lured five police imposters into a trap after they attacked and robbed him on Friday night, January 8. 

    Speaking to, Bungoma based Mike Kaguongo said that he reported the case to Bungoma Police Station, OB No 14/9/01/2021. 

    The journalist was ambushed by five thugs while he was heading back home from work. 

    His assailants who were aboard a tuk-tuk accosted him claiming that he did not have a face mask. 

    TV 47 county reporter Mike Kaguongo in hospital on Friday night, January 8, 2021

    One of the goons snatched his phone before he was bundled into the vehicle. The attackers, who were masquerading as police officers, assaulted him as they frogmarched him to a police station.  

    "However, I felt something was not adding up so I preferred to hang by the door. They turned and headed towards the 'station', my residence being along the route.

    I beseeched them to return my phone, in exchange for the cash I had with me, but to no avail. At the back of my mind I was conjuring up a plan to jump off the tuk-tuk once we reached my residence and call for help from my neighbours, which I did," Kaguongo said. 

    He managed to pull one of the goons out of the Tuk Tuk before he (Kaguongo) passed out. 

    The other four vanished when the neighbours rushed out and grabbed their colleague who was beaten by the irate mob.

    "One of my neighbours, John Makuba arrived and rushed me to Dawameds Hospital where I was admitted until the following day. 

    The suspect was however apprehended and arraigned in court on Monday, January 11, 2021. The case will be mentioned on a later date.

    "I thank God for saving my life and I am getting better. A skull x-ray ascertained that I did not incur any fractures, only minor body injuries," he said, adding that police were hunting for the other four. 

    TV 47 county reporter Mike Kaguongo