Daughter Confesses to Killing Granny

  • A Kenyan Police Officer at a crime scene
    A Kenyan Police Officer at a crime scene
  • The 22-year-old has confessed to detectives that she stabbed her grandmother, Beatrice Karanja 17 times.

    She also identified the murder weapon, which consists of a knife and a metal bar, from the evidence held by the police. 

    This contradicted the father's statement who had earlier confessed to the killings. 

    A private investigator also informed the police that the daughter had confessed how she planned on committing suicide.

    Investigations are still ongoing to determine the motive of the murder. 


    A man and his 22-year old daughter are being held at Githunguri police station, Kiambu County over the murder of their 62-year-old mother and grandmother respectively. 

    Police reports indicate that Beatrice Karanja, a retired teacher, was stabbed to death in her living room.

    The detectives confirmed that the son, who is the main suspect in the murder, surrendered and presented the knives which he allegedly used to stab his mother.

    Police fetching a dead body in Kenya

    He also informed the detectives of a secret hideout where the police officers spent up to 8 hours digging a hole in order to uncover crucial evidence.

    Police reports also revealed that the suspect's 22-year old daughter also aided and abetted him in carrying out the heinous crime. The daughter was taken into custody for further interrogations.

    Speaking to a local media house, Deputy Sub County Police Commander George Kipkoros noted that the suspects would be taken to court on Thursday, January 21 to determine their fate.

    Cases of violence in families have made headlines in recent weeks as previous cases have shown family members turn on each other.

    These reports come after the gruesome murder of four family relatives and a construction worker by their kin.

    Lawrence Warunge became the prime suspect after he went missing and was caught by the police at his hideout in Lower Kabete, Kiambu County. 

    The university student confessed to the crime and pointed out that he was inspired by a villainous character in a dark British drama series dubbed Killing Eve, who goes on a killing spree on all her victims.

    His girlfriend, Sarah Muthoni was also arrested for aiding and abetting the suspect in committing the crime.

    Both suspects will be charged for murder in court after a mental assessment conducted by doctors showed that the two were fit to stand trial.

    Lawrence Warunge and Sarah Muthoni when they appeared in court on January 11, 2021.
    Lawrence Warunge and Sarah Muthoni when they appeared in court on January 11, 2021.