Elsa Majimbo Scores Big on Netflix [VIDEO]

  • Elsa Majimbo.
    Elsa Majimbo.
    Mohamed Abdulrahman.
  • Rising comedian Elsa Majimbo has been featured on Netflix on its campaign to amplify black content. Speaking about her sudden rise to fame, she stated "I was so shocked by the amount of popularity that my videos got. I was as shocked as everyone else. I didn't expect it. I thought I was funny but other people thinking I was funny that was something different.'

    Majimbo was featured in an interview promoting a popular Netflix original series Queen's Gambit in which she explained the similarities between her and the film’s main character, Beth. 

    “I'm really really good at chess guys, what do you know about that? the real Queen's Gambit,” she boasted at the start of the interview.

    Comedian Elsa Majimbo shows off her chess medals and trophy
    Comedian Elsa Majimbo shows off her chess medals and trophy

    She narrated how her interest in chess started when she saw her schoolmates in primary play, and though she had a slow start, her chess skills grew with the help of a coach.

    Her determination to learn the game saw her compete in regional competitions and advance to the national league earning her 15 championship medals.

    Elsa drew a comparison between playing chess and her career, saying that her comedy career has surprisingly taken off despite the challenges.  

    “Chess and my career are very similar. In both, it's all about the long game. It's all about the end game. There's no point in winning now and picking all the pieces right now if, in the end, I'll just end up losing.

    “So my manager tells me all the time. ‘Don't do this now. Don't pick this campaign nowand you know, it was thousands of dollars and to me, it would seem insane,” she said. 

    Majimbo’s manager urged her to wait for the deals which would be worth a lot of money and sure enough, she has signed deals with companies such as Fenty and Netflix. 

    The content creator also addressed the discrimination of dark-skinned people which she said manifested in actions, gestures and other non-verbal ways.

    At her former school, a ceremony would be held every year to celebrate students for their achievements.

    In the ceremony, a girl would be picked to hand flowers to the guest of honour and in that process, she noticed a trend. 

    “I realized something. Every single year they would pick a lighter-skinned girl to present the flowers to the guest of honour.

    “That's when I realized that people don't go around screaming they like light-skinned people or that they think dark-skinned people deserve less. People do it in their actions and after that, I just thought it was so stupid,” she expressed.