KDF Gives Schools Facelifts After 30 Years of Neglect [VIDEO]

  • KDF officers during a previous pass-out parade
    KDF officers during a previous pass-out parade
  • Students in 31 schools in Kenya were pleasantly surprised when the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) took on a project to transform the institutions in 90 days.

    The security agency sought to renovate the schools, which are located near military barracks spread across the country, a majority of which had not had any major works done in over 30 years.

    The renovations which amounted to Ksh129 Million ranged from minor works of painting, roof, floor, and wall repairs to complete facelifts of the schools where new toilet blocks were erected, roofs replaced, water points built, electrification, and overhauls of classrooms and school administration blocks among other major works.

    Kahawa Garrison Secondary School gate
    Kahawa Garrison Secondary School gate

    The schools’ facelifts caught many students and teachers who were away when the renovations were going on by surprise. School administrators are upbeat that the new look of the schools will have a massive positive impact on the academic performance of the students.

    The headteacher at Embakasi Garrison Primary School David Omondi expressed his gratitude for the works undertaken by the KDF as the school got a new roof in the renovations adding that it was the first time the school has received a major facelift in over 32 years.

    A school which was repainted by KDF
    A school which was repainted by KDF

    This was also the case with Nanyuki Garrison Primary, Thika Garrison Primary and Lanet Primary Schools.

    “We cannot be grateful enough for having our harmful asbestos roof replaced with a decent and modern roof which is both human and environment friendly installed,” Omondi stated.

    Omondi added that the roof which was put up in 1988 when the school was constructed has been leaking making leaning difficult during rainy days.

    “We have for a long time been witnessing the roof leaking profusely making leaning almost difficult. When it rained, teachers had to assemble the pupils on those spots that were a bit better making teaching harder," the headteacher explained.

    In that institution 15 classes were tiled, the entire school was repainted and wiring works in the classes that had no power connection was also done.

    The exercise was commissioned by The Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) General Robert Kibochi, who directed that a committee is formed to assess and improve the infrastructure of KDF sponsored public schools in a bid to strengthen one of the core pillars of the KDF welfare program.

    The Committee chaired by Brigadier Engineer Stephen Radina was convened on July 15, 2020, when all 31 KDF sponsored public schools were visited and an assessment was done.

    The schools were grouped into three categories which were poor, fair, and in a good state. The poor state schools warranted major repairs, the fair ones required general repairs, and good state ones required minor repairs.

    KDF officers demolishing a school structure to rebuild it
    KDF officers demolishing a school structure to rebuild it

    Based on the report, the release of the funds was approved for the commencement of the renovations in October 2020. 

    The Engineers Brigade provided personnel skilled in various roles including masonry, electricity works, painting, carpentry and other technical capabilities who formed a significant number of the labour force.

    On the other hand, Formation Commanders and Unit Commanding Officers who chair the schools’ Boards of Management played a key role in ensuring the completion of the renovations in good time by supplementing the Engineers’ personnel with sufficient labour force.

    They also played a key role in ensuring the needs assessment was successfully done with the Engineers Brigade adopting an oversight role.

    Watch the video below: